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OLAC Mission Statement

To support UC Berkeley’s quality research  program by promoting the highest standards of animal care, welfare, regulatory compliance, education, training and customer service.


OLAC will strive to set a high standard for animal resource operations by developing and continuing a culture of excellence through education,

Core Values:  - Respect  - Transparency  - Collaboration  - Quality  - Courage


  • We are caring, compassionate, and humane towards people and animals
  • We promote diversity, inclusiveness, cooperation and teamwork
  • We recognize our efforts and celebrate our achievements


  • We are honest, truthful, trustworthy and admit when we are unsure
  • We do what we say we are going to do and we apologize when we are wrong
  • We report facility and animal care problems, shortcomings and non-compliances


  • We work together to find the best ways to care for the animals and support research
  • We share our knowledge and experience with others
  • We learn from our mistakes and share those lessons learned


  • We strive for quality and excellence in service to the animals we care for and the Investigators we collaborate with
  • We take ownership and pride in our work
  • We conduct ourselves professionally


  • We offer and accept respectful, assertive and constructive criticism
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable
  • We are never afraid to do the right thing

Prioritization Ranking for Decision Making

  1. Human and Animal Welfare
  2. Regulatory Compliance
  3. Customer Service


The OLAC SQUEAK is your new Rodent Users Newsletter from the Office of Laboratory Animal Care.

In this first Edition, OLAC's Director, Dr Gregory Lawson reports on OLAC management's new Initiatives and Strategic Planning which include the proposed changes to OLAC's animal care and use program.

The newsletter itself has information on Budget, Staffing, Bedding and more. Please click here to read more.